Appendix B: Opinion Poll Supplements

Opinion polls that identify only religious affiliation are inherently incomplete. Some religious groups have large numbers of members, but many of them do not attend frequently. Thus any analysis of sentiment on social issues based solely on religious affiliation is incomplete. Figures in Appendix B analyze sentiment on social issues by religious affiliation solely for those who report attending religious services three times per month or more. This restriction significantly limits sample sizes of non-Christian groups making results for non-Christian groups unreliable. Therefore, results for worship service attenders are presented only for Christian groups, and should be compared to results presented in sections 19-25 of all those who affiliate with specific Christian groups.

Figure 19.2B“Marriage is an outdated instituion” (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 20.1B“It is OK for two people to get together for sex and not expect anything further.” (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 21.1BCohabitation is a good idea for couples considering marriage (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 22.1BMarried couples with children should stay married (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 23.1BIt is sometimes permissible for a married person to have sex with someone other than his/her spouse (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 24.1B“It should be legal for gays and lesbians to marry in America.” (attend 3+ times per month)
Figure 25.1B“It is OK for three or more consenting adults to live together in a sexual/romantic relationship.” (attend 3+ times per month)

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